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Wording is critical to winning a planning application

We recently won planning consent for a project that had previously been refused when it was under a different firm of planning consultants. That was great for us, but what was the difference? The key to our success was the wording of the planning application that we submitted.

We realised that the previous failed wording would have opened the door to future development that the local council was bound to resist, but which our client didn't want anyway. So we reviewed the details of the planning policies concerned, consulted the ward councillor and amended the wording of the proposal. That all helped us achieve the planning consent that our now delighted clients needed.

The project involved a tea-room and a sculpture garden, but the lessons are relevant for all types of application. Those lessons are: first, workout what you actually want to achieve, then work with a planning consultant who knows the hurdles that different phrases in planning applications can throw-up and, more importantly, how to avoid them.

If you'd like advice on how to get planning consent for your project, even if it has been previously refused, you can call or text Simon Rix on 07801 356 840 or email


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