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Stuck at home? Use the time to get inspired about the design of your next home.

As the Coronavirus lockdown sees lots of us stuck at home, many people are using the time to find some design inspiration for what they might build for themselves once the restrictions are lifted.

Freeing up capital, saving money or reducing your reliance on standard employment are all common reasons why people may want to custom build their next home. But living in a beautifully designed building is often a big motivating factor too. There are lots of design inspiration sources, but this video walks us through a number of amazing house designs:

Admittedly the video features some 'way out there' homes, but even the most eccentric of these have elements that can be adapted for more every-day construction projects.

Getting planning consent for any new home can take a few months, so it might make sense to get the planning application ball rolling now, so you can be ready for when construction is possible again. Why not contact us at for some advice?


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