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Spray-on rubber solution for extensions and new builds

We love this excellent extension designed by the team at Office S&M, especially for its innovative use of spray-on rubber for the exterior walls.

The clients, Janice Turner, Mike Blackwell, and their dog Queenie, wanted to replace a poorly built lean-to behind their terraced house.

The sprayed on rubber exterior creates a monolithic background which wraps the two halves of the extension together. This unusual industrial material, Prokol polyurea, was chosen because of its low cost, seamless finish, and contrast with the existing brickwork of the terraced house. The spray on polyurea, installed by ESW, was originally developed for oil rigs: the material is waterproof, won’t weather, and is guaranteed for 60 years.

Whether or not you are considering such an innovative building material, you can contact using for some free advice on getting the planning permission you need.


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