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Eco-info sharing and exceptional design key to getting planning consent in open country-side

Kevin & Allison Wright initially failed to get planning permission for the new home they wanted to build for themselves near Corbridge. But they recently won their appeal against the local council's refusal thanks in large part to the eco-collaboration they proposed with their regional university.

National Planning Inspector Tim Wheeler said that he gave significant weight to Kevin and Allison's willingness to share information with university researchers about the effectiveness of their construction methods and other features used to minimise carbon emissions.

Mr Wheeler was also impressed by the design of the proposed house. He said, "I have found that the building would be of exceptional architectural quality which would serve as an exemplar and thus promote good design. This is a consideration to which I give very significant weight."

Mr Wheeler ruled in October 2019 that Kevin and Allison's new home be allowed to go ahead.

If you are interested in using eco-info sharing and excellent design to help you get planning permission for your dream home, then contact for a chat.


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