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Carbon-neutral homes can be built on a reasonable budget

Carbon-neutral doesn't have to break the bank. This economical housing development won plaudits at the latest CBG Awards and is a model that others could do well to follow.

According to the award judges, the new eco-homes in Hayle, designed by Lilly Lewarne and built by Percy Williams and Sons, are "well and thoughtfully designed, offering compact, civilised living spaces with impressively low energy costs."

The elimination of thermal bridging at junctions was a key method used to achieve a Band A Environmental Impact CO² Rating.

You can read more of what the CBG judges thought of the project here, and see additional details from the architects here.

Achieving low and carbon-neutral homes are key objectives of both national and local planning policies. If you need planning consent or help with interpreting or implementing planning consent policies for your project, then feel free to contact us via or 0845 170 8050.


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