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House gets planning consent thanks in part to its beautifully designed inside spaces

A national planning appeal inspector has given the green light for a new house in the countryside, despite the site's isolated location within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, in part because its internal design is of the highest standard.

Stephen Papworth ruled on the planning application for the property near the village of Icomb in southern England. He said that, despite local councils often being more concerned with external appearance, internal spaces are also of relevance is assessing architectural quality.

This Loyn+Co designed project relies on the national "paragraph 79" rule, which allows for new homes in isolated rural locations, even when local council rules try to forbid this, as long as the design is of "exceptional quality".

This case can now be used to argue that excellent internal aesthetics can also be used to help reach the required design quality threshold.

Mr Papworth's full ruling can be found here and details of the design can be found here.

If you need advice on getting planning consent for your dream home, then you can email us via or call us on 0845 170 8050.


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